Locally Trained Priests – Introduction

Is God calling you to lead in a Christian community?

Are you servant-minded?

Are you excited about leading services and presiding at sacraments?

Do you have gifts for teaching and preaching?



“Every baptized Christian is a member of Christ’s family. Each of us has a unique and important place in that family.  I have been called to be a Locally Trained Priest. Some of the things LTPs do include: leading Sunday worship, leading services in care facilities, training and supporting servers, Licensed Lay Ministers and others. I get asked many questions about being Anglican, and what Anglicans believe. This ministry gives me the privilege of special moments with people in transition and crisis as well as supporting people in their day to day walk with God. The exact role and function of each LTP will vary, depending on the needs of the congregation, resources available, gifts of the individual, and time available. I find the work both challenging and rewarding.”

The Rev. Marcella Mugford

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