Licensed Lay Ministers – Introduction

Is God calling you to live out your baptism in public ministry?

Are you willing to visit those who cannot attend regular church services?

Are you interested in leading worship for the elderly in care homes?

Are you called to participate in God’s healing ministry?

“My journey started when my priest, seeing something in me I had never considered, asked me to be a Licensed Lay Minister. I did not say yes right away. As I had never thought about this position in the church, I went off and did some praying. My answer was “if someone whose opinion you respect sees something in you, maybe you should give it a go.” I have found it to be a true calling.  As an LLM in my church, I take “Church” to those who can no longer attend regular services. I have found this position in the church’s ministry to be very fulfilling. When someone, who has attended church for many years, but can no longer get out and about, comes up to me after a service with a smile and says thank you for bringing the church to us, I am the one who feels blessed.” 

Pam Harris – Licensed Lay Minister, Vernon


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