5. Licensed Lay Ministry Programme – Training Process

5.1 All applicants for LLM must complete the required training before receiving a licence. Applicants seeking any licence are required to complete the basic introductory course: “Understanding Anglican Lay Ministry,” an 8 contact-hour course offered through KSM. Additional training expectations are as listed below; with the exception of the preaching course, all will be offered as contiguous modules in a one-weekend LLM course. Preaching is a standard 21 contact-hour KSM course.

5.1.1 Applicants for a licence to lead Morning and Evening Prayer services will attend the course: “Leading Morning and Evening Prayer” (4 contact-hours), offered through KSM.

5.1.2 Applicants for a licence to lead services with Reserved Sacrament in any context will attend the course: “The Eucharist and the Life of the World” (6 contact-hours), offered through KSM.

5.1.3 Applicants for a licence to preach in public worship will complete a course on preaching, offered through KSM.

5.1.4 Applicants for a licence to perform laying-on of hands and anoint sick or distressed persons will attend the course: “Laying-on of Hands and Anointing in the Spirit” (3 contact- hours), offered through KSM.

5.2 After completing these required educational and training events, an applicant will have attained competencies suitable to the ministry applied for. The competencies are as listed in section 3.

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