2. Diaconal Programme – Preliminary Requirements

2.1 The inquirer needs to be a person who:

  • is baptised and a communicant member of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • is an active member of the worshipping community for a minimum of one year and has a significant level of maturity and stability
  • who demonstrates some ability to care for people, both individuals and in groups
  • has high moral and ethical standards
  • has the support of his/her spouse, fiance?(e) or partner, if applicable?
  • has a good reputation in the community and in the Parish
  • has the recommendation of her/his parish and Incumbent
  • has a mature spirituality and disciplined prayer life
  • has demonstrated some time of diakonia, particularly in the area of community work and/or social advocacy
  • has an understanding of the diaconate and of diaconal ministry
  • has an understanding of Baptismal ministry
  • has the potential for leadership
  • has a personal support system in place or a commitment to form one
  • is committed to the discernment process and has the time and resources necessary for the education requirement
  • is committed to, and has the capacity for, the training and education involvedin the process
  • will have the time and resources necessary to carry out diaconal ministry
  • can articulate a sense of call?
  • must provide the Diocese with a criminal record check

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