Books & Articles

Call and Vocation

Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community by Suzanne Farnham
ISBN 0819224448

Let your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation  by Parker Palmer
ISBN 0787947350

 Vocation (1) & Vocation (2) in Open to Judgement: Sermons and Addresses by Rowan Williams.
ISBN 0232520666

Partially available online Here




The Anglican Spirit by Michael Ramsey. Cowley Publications
ISBN 1561010413

Love’s Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness. Oxford University Press 2007. ISBN 0191224766


Diaconal  Ministry

* Pray through the Diaconal ordination  service and the vows beginning of page 652 of the Book of Alternative Services.

Many Servants: An Introduction to Deacons by Ormand Plater.
Cowley Publications, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers,  2004
ISBN 156101270X

The Diaconate: A Full and Equal Order by James Barnett
Trinity Press International 1995
ISBN 1563380935

Intercession, A Theological and Practical Guide by Plater, Ormonde
Cowley Publications 1995
ISBN 9781561011155


Priestly Ministry

* Pray through the Priestly ordination service and vows beginning on page 643 of The Book of Alternative Services.

Living on Border of the Holy by L. William Countryman
Church Publishing Inc. 1999
ISBN 9780819225078

The Christian Priest Today by Michael Ramsey
ISBN 0281061165

A response to The Christian Priest Today by Rowan Williams